SmartCrypto – A google assistant app

Smart Crypto


This is a google assistant app created for managing the crypto portfolios.

  • Smart Crypto gives you value of crypto currencies in local currencies. It can help you to manage your crypto portfolios.
  • You can add/delete coins from your portfolio and get the total portfolio value anytime.
  • Set currency : Say “Set currency to INR” or type “CURR USD” Crypto Value :
  • Ask “What’s the value of BTC / What’s the value of 1.23 XRP / 1.56 ADA “
  • Manage Portfolio: Say “Add 1.45 BTC” will add 1.45 BTC to the portfolio. Say “Remove 1 BTC” will remove 1 BTC from the portfolio.
  • Say “Delete BTC” will delete BTC from the portfolio.
  • Saying “Add/Remove/Delete” will give you prompts to provide the coin and quantity and will enable you to add/remove/delete from the portfolio.
  • Say “What’s my portfolio” to get the portfolio value .
  • Use the provided suggestions for easy coin access or to add/delete/remove coins from portfolio.
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